HeadsUp FD

Minimize Risk. Maximize Productivity. HeadsUp FD is the solution for your front desk.

HeadsUp FD 

HeadsUp FD was created and designed to protect guest information.  Not only credit card information, but room number, home address and duration of stay.  Ultimately the hotels are responsible for any sort of breach of guest information.  HeadsUp FD is an inexpensive one time solution that ensures front desk agents, concierge and spa personnel are protecting guest information at all times.  The most common PCI violation is the sharing of logins by agents.  Agents can’t be expected to continuously manually log in and out throughout their shift and still maintain a rapport with guests while looking down and typing.  HeadsUp FD allows for continuous interaction with guests without compromising security policy. 

With HeadsUp FD, hotel staff can use the same proximity card (aka prox card, or prox badge, or badge) that they currently use for building access and/or identification purposes to quickly and securely log into, and secure, a Windows desktop session. The HUFD solution increases staff productivity by eliminating the need to enter a password multiple times per day. In addition, staff can quickly secure their Windows session simply by tapping the prox card which increases the likelihood that staff will comply with organization computer security policies. Also, staff can focus on the guest they are serving instead of trying to enter a password on the computer.

Watch our HeadsUp FD demo here and then contact our MIS team to ask about how we can help make your front desk more secure, efficient, and compliant today. 


Protects Guest Information

Promotes PCI and HIPAA Compliance

Increases Face Time with Guests

Simple and Quick to Install

Easy to Use

Simple Tap-In, Tap-Out, Tap-Over

Eliminates "Piggy-Backing" Another User's Session

Requires Little to No I.T. Support from In-House Staff

What Our Customers Are Saying


“HeadsUp FD itself is awesome.  Installation and registration of cards on our PCs is seamless.  Showed one front desk manager how to use it and within two days everyone is set to go.”


“There is no reason why all hotels should not move to this ASAP.  It’s probably one of the BEST technologies to come to the front desk in the past ten years. WE LOVE IT”!


“Front desk agents love it so far. The switching between users without having to use their username password combo each time absolutely floors the front desk agents.”