Our team is your team.

At MIS, we’re really an extension of your team. Meet the crew that works for you!

Neal Berz, CEO

Neal has been President of MIS since it was founded by him and longtime friend David Auerbach in 1982. He began the business eighteen months out of college in a rented basement providing PCs to Chicago businesses. Early on Neal recognized that to remain relevant the company must stay on the forefront of technology and services delivery. Since that time Neal has continuously overseen and developed new markets throughout his career. Today Neal’s focus is on consistently improving the customer experience and growing the business. Always eager to speak with clients and potential clients he can be reached at berz@miscomputer.com.   

Peggy Clark, VP of Sales and Client Relations

Peggy is the VP of Sales for MIS and has over 20 years of experience creating solutions for hospitality. She’s been with MIS for 27 years, starting as a sales rep, then became a sales manager, and eventually worked her way to VP. She works with hotels and management companies nationwide every day building long term relationships by delivering exceptional managed IT services and overseeing major project work for numerous hotel chains. Peggy thoroughly enjoys her role at MIS and her team feels like family. Traveling and experiencing unique hotels is Peggy’s passion. 

Lisa Chatys, Managing Director

Lisa has been with MIS for 12 years. She started out as a strategic account executive and has become an integral part of company operations and client relations. A jack of all trades, she specializes in helpdesk and project management, sales support, office management, customer and vendor relations. Lisa goes above and beyond for our MIS clients and loves to make people laugh with every interaction. One of her greatest achievements has been bringing Galaxy “G” onto the team–one of our Chief Morale Officers around the office! 

Moisés Padilla, Director of Technology and Senior Systems Engineer

Moisés has been with MIS for over 20 years. He began working with us in high school and has worked his way up to being a Level 3+ Senior Engineer and Director of Technology. He has multiple certifications and is constantly developing new technologies to improve both internal and client practices. Moisés is passionate about crafting efficient and affordable solutions for current and potential MIS clients. He also enjoys sharing the knowledge he’s gained over the years with new helpdesk staff. When not on the clock Moisés enjoys traveling and whipping up chef-worthy homemade meals! 

Tim Thilleman, Director of Operations and Professional Services

Tim joined the MIS team in 2018 as our Hospitality IT Specialist and continues to bring that wealth of experience to his new role as Director of Operations and Professional Services. With a wealth of experience in deep, operations-level standards and practices in the hotel sector, Tim serves as our “CIO in your back pocket.” Tim works with hotels and management companies nationwide every day, along with their vendors–building partnerships and customized solutions on a variety of hotel projects. 

Danni Smith, Director of Marketing

Danni has been with MIS since moving to Chicago 15 years ago. She started out as a receptionist in our technical department where she learned to repair laptops and processed warranty repairs. In her decade+ with MIS she’s held positions in accounting and sales. In 2018 she transitioned into marketing. She continues to provide support to all of our accounts and loves connecting with MIS clients every day. When away from her screens, Danni loves theatre, music, kickboxing, and is an avid pro-wrestling fan!

Lauren Langosch, Office and Account Support

Lauren is one of our Inside Sales and Support representatives. She’s been a member of the team for 3 years and leads our accounting and purchasing departments. She also works directly with Lisa, our Director of Operations and Project Management, on a daily basis making sure that projects are running smoothly and accounts are supported. When she isn’t in front of her screens, Lauren enjoys long walks with her dog, Link! 

John Sara, Senior Engineer

John has been with MIS for over 5 years and is one of our senior engineers. Known around the office and among clients as “MacGyver,” John is a wizard at solving issues quickly, often out in the field with limited tools or resources. He’s highly perceptive and resolves issues ranging from basic desktop support to troubleshooting network, firewall, and server problems both quickly and cost-effectively. When not playing mad scientist, John can be found exploring Chicago for new experiences, wrestling with his dog, or cooking. 

Maurice Lee, Lead Systems Engineer

Maurice is our lead systems engineer. He’s an innovative and energetic pro with exceptional creativity and problem-solving abilities. When he isn’t busy troubleshooting issues, creating technical documentation, or flying around the country to perform IT audits for clients Maurice can be found singing tunes around the office and keeping the team smiling!

Masoud Heydari, Senior System Engineer

Masoud has been a valuable part of the MIS west coast team for nearly two years, with experience in the IT industry for over a decade. Masoud assists our San Francisco and California-based hotel clients with a variety of IT issues, making sure every user is running smoothly, and every system optimally.  

Jennifer Jauregui, System Engineer

Jennifer joins the MIS team as a system engineer. In addition to providing helpdesk support to our clients and rolling out computer builds for our many ongoing projects, Jennifer also brings her background of cybersecurity services to the team.

Allan Kranzusch, System Engineer

Allan joins MIS as one of our system engineers. He’s an amazing member of our growing support staff with above-and-beyond problem-solving skills. When he isn’t busy troubleshooting issues and helping to streamline best practices, Allan can be found working onsite installations for many of our clients’ projects, transitions, and onboardings.

Adam Schmitz, Junior Project Manager

Adam joins the growing MIS Professional Services team after serving as a Service Department Manager and master technician for Harley Davidson. Adam oversees many of our onboardings, prioritizing clear and thorough communications and making new clients feel comfortable and confident! He enjoys learning new skills and meeting new people, bringing ideas to life and problem solving. When not working Adam most enjoys spending time with his wife Olivia, daughter Lucille, and son Miller.

Joe Murphy, Systems Engineer

Joe works as a helpdesk technician and system engineer, with a focus in our California region. He’s been in IT for over 16 years and loves working with AWS, specifically building out network environments. Joe is most proud of his ITIL cert because of its focus in processes and workflows in IT support. He is also A+ certified and an AWS Practitioner. When Joe isn’t busy supporting clients he loves to get out on the golf course whenever he can.  

Micaela Berz, Sales Admin and Client Account Support

Micaela joins the MIS team as a sales administrator and is excited to work with clients, helping to quickly and efficiently resolve issues and provide support in every way possible. She spent 8+ years working in the restaurant industry and loves working with guests and meeting new people. Micaela is a Chicago native and loves walking along Lake Michigan – usually walking 3-5 miles a day!

Ron Kostka, Warehouse Manager

Ron is one of our MIS “franchise players,” having been with the company since MLK Day of 1991. Ron is a jack of all trades working on the warehouse and office support side of things. He’s the definition of a team player and always puts the customer first. And when he’s not busy making sure our clients get their equipment on time he’s making the rounds at the office giving out fist bumps and smiles!

Joanne Clark, Marketing Assistant

Jo supports our marketing efforts at MIS, helping to manage and update our client and contact database – and is always eager to help the team in any way she can. Jo hails from the south Chicago suburbs but currently enjoys soaking in the Arizona sunshine – smartly avoiding those long Chicago winters!

Diego, Chief Morale Officer

Diego is the original furry MIS mascot! A curly white fluffball of joy, Diego makes his arrival at MIS headquarters known with a quick sprint around the office before heading to the kitchen for his morning cuppa joe (aka the water bowl). 

Galaxy "G", Junior Chief Morale Officer

Galaxy is one of the latest additions to our team and has quickly moved his way up the ladder to be a junior exec: Junior Chief Morale Officer. He delights the team every day with his joyful spirit, puppy smooches, and belly-up naps! Side Hustle: Houdini Impersonator.