Q: How long have you been with MIS Computer?

A: Since 2018.

Q: Describe your role at MIS.

A: As the Director of Operations with MIS Computer I maintain all departments with operational proficiency while maintaining the highest level of service for our clients through our various vertical markets: Help Desk, Professional Services, Sales & Office Management. While working very closely with our CEO/President we share the task to maintain fiscal responsibility through budgeting and forecasting. We work closely with all our partners with whom we have cultivated, engaged and perform alongside with MIS. The most important role is my responsibility to our highly educated and skilled employees to ensure the best working environment filled with ambitious tasks and highly motivated outcomes.

Q: What was your first position at MIS, if not your current one?

A: Hospitality IT Specialist

Q: What’s your favorite memory with a coworker?

A: Working on a project with John Sara and Moisés Padilla, Lisa Chatys & Masoud Heydari in San Francisco with all of us exhausted from an overnight installation we all just busted out laughing uncontrollably. That is the moment I knew I was working with the best people!

Q: What’s your favorite place for lunch?

A: Momosan Ramen & Sake on Lexington by Grand Central Station in New York City!

Q: What’s the most interesting item on your desk?

A: A Yellow Happy Face Coffee Mug

Q: Before working at MIS what was the most interesting or unusual job you ever had?

A: Cemetery in Oshkosh, Wisconsin: Hired to cut the grass however it turned out that I was needed to help with burials and assist with the Friday cookouts next to the crematorium!

Q: Secret (or not-so-secret) talent:

A: I can juggle!

Q: What’s the coolest project you’ve ever worked on?

A: Jamaican Resort on Cinnamon Hill next to Johnny Cash’s Estate teaching Jamaicans how to use Delphi Sales & Catering System while drinking Red Stripe!

Q: What would you name your autobiography?

A: “Tried it once, Don’t do it again.”

Q: What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

A: Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” Tour July 1984.

Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA Tour
Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA Tour

Q: Most memorable celebrity encounter?

A: Arthur Miller together in the men’s room standing next to each other.

Q: What are 3 items on your bucket list?

A: Jump from an airplane, fishing with my friends in a very remote cabin in Canada, travel the world.

Q: When I’m not at MIS I like to:

A: Meet friends, garden, and relax with family.

Q: One thing people would be surprised to know about you:

A: I was a professional actor for 10 years.

Q: Superpower you’d like to have:

A: “To regenerate healthy organs.”

Q: What’s your go-to karaoke song?

A: Neil Diamond, “Forever in Blue Jeans”

Q: Who inspires you and why?

A: Ed Plante: He has the ability to remain positive and motivated even during the toughest times!

Q: Any tips or advice you can offer from your own personal experience to those that might be struggling during this time?

A: Take lot of walks and listen to music.

Q: What are your hopes for our industry?

A: That technology jumps up on the priority scale when all companies budget.